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How Goal Setting Reduces Stress

Goal setting is essential for those who want to accomplish their goals with the least stress possible. Have you ever noticed that when you allow things to just happen haphazardly that you tend to worry more about the outcome of events? On the other hand, with careful planning, we tend to have a greater sense of control over situations, and therefore are less prone to stress. This is exactly why goal setting is an excellent stress reliever. Here are some ways in which goal setting can help you to reduce stress:

Focus – Goal setting forces you to focus on the things that are important to the accomplishment of your goals. Whenever we are focused, we have less time and energy to worry about what is not right, or about what could go wrong. Instead, goal setting puts our goals at the front and center of our thoughts, magnifying the goal rather than any problems or challenges.

Prioritize – Stress may be the result of a failure to prioritize things in our lives. It is difficult to accomplish several tasks without prioritizing – doing first things first, and less important things afterwards. Whenever we set goals, it forces us to prioritize by deciding what the most important things are and working on getting those things accomplished first. If we do not decide what is important, we can run into trouble by trying to do everything and end up accomplishing nothing.

Something to look forward to – Goal setting gives us something to look forward to. This positive expectation fuels the release of endorphins in our systems, which helps to reduce the negative effects of stress and to create feelings of euphoria.

If you feel stressed over the accomplishment of a task, consider taking the time to do your own goal setting through our Success Board.

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