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How to Set Goals the Right Way

How to Set Goals the Right Way

Take a minute to think about how you have gone about goal setting in the past. Did you just decide that you wanted to do something, chose a random target and went full speed ahead trying to hit that target? Or did you spend the time to really set goals that were achievable and that would truly reflect the great accomplishments you have made in life? The truth is that goals must be properly set up if we are going to be able to measure our accomplishments correctly. Here are some tips on setting goals the right way:

1. Be Specific What exactly do you want to achieve? The more specific you can get about your goals, the more relevant they will become, and they will also be worthier of achievement. For example, instead of making a goal of losing weight, be more specific by making a goal of losing 15 pounds in the next 3 months. Or a goal of being able to fit into a certain size clothing within a certain timeframe.

"Be Personal. Be Relevant. Be Specific" - Seth Godin

2. Choose a Significant Target – Choose a significant target when setting your goals. This means that you shouldn’t just choose random targets because you can, but you should choose targets that have some amount of significance. For example, don’t choose a goal of fitting into a size 2 dress in 3 months just because your friend is a size 2. Instead, set a goal of fitting into a size 6 dress in the next 3 months because based on your body type, a size 6 is realistic, achievable and would require a fair amount of challenge.

Challenge Yourself to Higher Limits

3. Don’t’ Change Your Goal - Once you have decided on a realistic goal, stick with it. If you must make any changes, change the method of achieving the goal but never change the goal; unless you realize that the original goal was unrealistic in the first place.

Remember that a goal without a plan is simply a wish. Visit the Success Board to get practical, actionable guidance on how you can begin to set your own realistic, achievable goals.

The Success Board Helps You Set Goals the Right Way!

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