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Top 5 Reasons Why Many People Don't Accomplish Their Goals

Top 5 Reasons Why Many People Don’t Accomplish Their Goals

Have you ever wondered why some persons seem to accomplish their goals almost effortlessly while others struggle to achieve any real success? Those who are successful at achieving goals don’t have any special abilities or special powers, but they do have a winning approach that makes it more likely that they will achieve what they set out to achieve. The Success Board is a great place to start if you want to succeed at accomplishing your own goals. Here are 5 reasons why some people never seem to be able to achieve their goals:

1. Goals aren’t clearly defined – The only thing worse than not having a clearly defined goal is not having any goals at all. In order for goals to be achievable, they must be clearly defined. This is why it is always recommended that goals be written down. The Success Board requires you to define your goals. The process of writing goals down, gives the writer the opportunity of thinking through the process to pinpoint exactly what it is they want to achieve. A goal that is written down is like using a GPS to get to a destination that you’ve never been to before. At every critical stage in the journey, the GPS reminds you of what direction you need to take to get to your desired destination. Without the GPS, you are more likely to lose your way and steer off track.

2. Goals aren’t visible – A goal that is not visible is not likely to be achieved. Even if you write down your goals, you must put your written goal somewhere that will keep it always at the forefront of your mind. For example, many persons who achieve their goals may use a vision board or even just a simple sticky note that is put up on the refrigerator or even a screensaver with a picture of what you want to achieve. The Success Board is 24' x 36" so you can't avoid your goals.

3. Goals aren’t realistic – Goals that are unrealistic will never be achieved. For example, setting a goal of paying off your credit cards without having a source of income is an unrealistic goal. Some persons, for example, dream of winning the lottery so that they can pay off all their bills. This is just a pipe dream. A more realistic goal may be to first get a source of income. Once that is achieved, it may be reasonable to set a goal of paying off your credit card debt.

4. Goals keep changing – In order to achieve your goals, you must be willing to commit to achieving them within a certain period of time before giving up or changing the goal. A goal that is constantly changing is like a goal post that keeps moving whenever someone tries to score. It will never happen. Commit to making concerted efforts towards accomplishing your goals over a specific period of time before making changes to the goal.

5. No belief in the ability to achieve the goal – We can only achieve as much as we believe we can achieve. A lack of confidence in achieving a goal is a sure way of not achieving it.

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